PALÄON FEZ SCHÖNINGEN Permanent Exhibition – 1,000 m2 AGENCY HolzerKobler Architekturen, Zürich & Berlin2012-2013 CLIENT City of Schoeningen RESPONSIBILITIES Project ManagementCalls for Contract BidsContractor CoordinationExhibition Site Management PHOTO CREDITS HolzerKobler Architekturen Berlin,Jan Bitter ABOUT THE PROJECT  The Palaeon tells our 300,000-year-old human history in a new way. They present the amazing discovery of the Schöniger spears,… Continue reading PALÄON


PALAEON FEZ VISITOR LAB Permanent Exhibition – 60 m2 AGENCY HolzerKobler Architekturen, Zürich & Berlin2012-2013 CLIENT City of Schoeningen RESPONSIBILITIES Product ResearchCalls for Contract BidsSpatial PlanningSite Management PICTURE CREDITS HolzerKobler Architekturen ABOUT THE PROJECT The visitor lab in Palaeon makes it possible for anyone of any age to play researcher. Discovery boxes of artifacts from numerous… Continue reading PALAEON FEZ VISITOR LAB


MEDIA INTERFACES Media interfaces for trade shows and exhibitions AGENCIES HolzerKobler Architekturen – Zürich & BerlinMilla & Partner Ltd. – Stuttgart2013/2014 CLIENTS ETAS GmbHMathematisch-Physikalischer Salon, Dresden RESPONSIBILITIES Product ResearchContractor CoordinationMedia TechnologyImplementation Planning PHOTO CREDITS ETAS, Milla & Partner, Mathematisch-Physikalischer Salon ABOUT THE PROJECT Media stations with diverse applications in the fields of advertising and museums were designed to… Continue reading MEDIA INTERFACES


LUCKY BREAKS – BREAKDOWNS Touring Exhibition – 400 m2 AGENCY HolzerKobler Architekturen, Zürich & Berlin2012-2013 CLIENT Communication Museum Berlin RESPONSIBILITIES Project ManagementSpatial PlanningContractor Coordination PHOTO CREDITS HolzerKobler Architekturen,Jan Bitter ABOUT THE PROJECT This exhibition was created for the Berlin and Frankfurt am Main locations and gives an interesting overview of customs and traditions of global… Continue reading LUCKY BREAKS – BREAKDOWNS


MESSMERHAUS MEERSBURG Permanent Exhibition – 700 m2 OFFICE Demirag Architekten – Stuttgart2014 CLIENT City of Meersburg RESPONSIBILITIES Design PlanningImplementation PlanningProduct Research PHOTO CREDITS Demirag Architekten ABOUT THE PROJECT The Mesmerhaus in Meersburg on the Bodensee was reconceived as a viticulture and city museum. The late 17th-century building was first renovated and subsequently equipped with fixtures for… Continue reading MESSMERHAUS


THE WANLI EXPEDITION Permanent Exhibition – 350 m2 CONTRACTING COMPANY Kubix Ltd. – Berlin2012 CLIENT Foundation Leuchtenburg, Seitenroda RESPONSIBILITIES Project ManagementSpatial PlanningContractor Coordination PHOTO CREDITS Stiftung Leuchtenburg, Kubix GmbH ABOUT THE PROJECT The Wan-Li Expedition brought a sunken treasure of porcelain, which had been underwater for 500 years, to the surface. The valuable pieces and their history were… Continue reading THE WANLI EXPEDITION


PRINCE SALMAN SCIENCE OASIS Permanent Exhibition – 3,000 m2 AGENCY Triad Berlin Projektgesellschaft Ltd.2011 CLIENT ArRiyadh Development Authority, Saudi Arabien RESPONSIBILITIES Creation of specifications and calls for contract bids PHOTO CREDITS Triad Berlin Projektgesellschaft ABOUT THE PROJECT The Prince Salman Science Oasis is the first science center in the Arabic world. Five galleries display the subjects of life,… Continue reading PRINCE SALMAN SCIENCE OASIS


COMPUTER.MEDIZIN Touring Exhibition – 1,000 m2 AGENCY Archimedes Exhibitions Ltd. – Berlin2006-2009 CLIENT Heinz-Nixdorf Museumsforum, Paderborn RESPONSIBILITIES Project ManagementSpatial PlanningContractor CoordinationExhibition Logistics PHOTO CREDITS Archimedes Exhibitions,Heinz-Nixdorf Museumsforum ABOUT THE PROJECT These days, it is unimaginable to consider comprehensive preventative healthcare that does not include modern technology. Whether for diagnosis and therapy or prevention and rehabilitation – computer-based technology is in use everywhere.… Continue reading COMPUTER.MEDIZIN


Sonderausstellung Computer.Sport im HNF

COMPUTER.SPORT Touring Exhibition – 1,000 m2 AGENCY Archimedes Exhibitions Ltd. – Berlin2008-2010 CLIENT Heinz-Nixdorf Museumsforum, Paderborn RESPONSIBILITIES Project ManagementProduction ManagementSpatial PlanningContractor CoordinationExhibition Logistics PHOTO CREDITS Heinz-Nixdorf Museumsforum,Archimedes Exhibitions ABOUT THE PROJECT This special exhibition demonstrates the significance of computer-based high technology in the sports realm, allowing visitors to get a fascinating look into the latest developments… Continue reading COMPUTER.SPORT


SCIENCETUNNEL II Touring Exhibition – 1,200 m2 AGENCY Archimedes Exhibitions Ltd. – Berlin2005-2011 CLIENT Max-Planck Society – München RESPONSIBILITIES Project ManagementExhibit DesignSpatial PlanningContractor CoordinationExhibit Logistics PHOTO CREDITS Max-Planck Society,Archimedes Exhibitions ABOUT THE PROJECT The Science Tunnel II highlights fundamental and leading-edge research happening in Germany. All of the Max Planck Society present their research projects by way of multimedia applications,… Continue reading SCIENCETUNNEL II


WHEEL OF INVENTION Touring Exhibition – 450 m2 AGENCY Archimedes Exhibitions Ltd. – Berlin2003-2006 CLIENT European Patent Office, Munich RESPONSIBILITIES Project ManagementExhibition DesignContractor CoordinationExhibition Logistics BILDNACHWEISE European Patent Office, Archimedes Exhibitions ABOUT THE PROJECT The European Patent Office asked for an exhibition that would present the generally dull subject of a patent application in an interesting and fascinating… Continue reading WHEEL OF INVENTION


FASCINATION BIOTECHNOLOGY Touring Exhibition – 450 m2 AGENCY Archimedes Exhibitions Ltd. – Berlin2002-2005 CLIENT German Federal Foundation for the Environment, Osnabruck RESPONSIBILITIES Project ManagementExhibition DesignSpatial PlanningExhibition Logistics PHOTO CREDITS Archimedes Exhibitions,German Federal Foundation for the Environment ABOUT THE PROJECT Numerous models, computer animations, experiments and original products invite the visitor to touch, try out and understand… Continue reading FASCINATION BIOTECHNOLOGY


ODYSSEUM Concept for Exhibition Layout – 1,300 m2 AGENCY Archimedes Exhibitions Ltd. – Berlin2003 CLIENT Odysseum, Cologne RESPONSIBILTIES Concept designSketchesStoryboard PHOTO CREDITS Odysseum, Archimedes Exhibitions,FT Schwan ABOUT THE PROJECT Planning for the Odysseum started in 2002, and different designers were asked to take part in a competition by submitting a concept for the exhibition design. Beforehand, a workshop… Continue reading ODYSSEUM


OCEAN WORLDS Permanent Exhibition – 500 m2 AGENCY Archimedes Exhibitions Ltd. – Berlin2001-2005 CLIENT Maritime Museum Stralsund RESPONSIBILITIES Project ManagementExhibit DesignContractor CoordinationProject Documentation PHOTO CREDITS Archimedes Exhibitions,Maritime Museum Stralsund ABOUT THE PROJECT In order to bridge the time gap leading up to the opening of the Ozeaneums, the Maritime Museum wanted to create a special show about… Continue reading OCEAN WORLDS


Eröffnung der Hauptstadtrepräsentanz der Deutschen Telekom AG in Berlin am 7.2.2002 durch Bundeskanzler Gerhard Schröder und Dr. Ron Sommer, Vorsitzender des Vorstands Deutsche Telekom AG

TELEKOM MEDIA FURNISHINGS Medienmobiliar AGENCY q-bus Mediatektur Ltd. – Berlin2000-2001 CLIENT Deutsche Telekom AG RESPONSIBILITIES Exhibit DesignContractor CoordinationMedia Planning PHOTO CREDITS q-bus Mediatektur, DTAG ABOUT THE PROJECT Deutsche Telekom required diverse media equipment for their representative office in the capital and their trade fair attendance at the CeBit. Through a cooperation with Vitra, conference tables… Continue reading TELEKOM MEDIA FURNISHINGS